• MICHELIN X Stacker 3 HD allows reach stackers to run longer distances of up to 12 km per hour
  • Interlocking tread sculpture and shoulder ribs improves wear performance
  • Tyre is also suitable for full container handlers and heavy forklifts

Michelin has launched the MICHELIN X Stacker 3 HD for reach stackers, designed for heavy duty use primarily in ports.

The new tyre, which replaces the older generation X Stacker 2 LC, limits unexpected machine downtime, reducing urgent need for replacement and extra service costs for the customer. Its optimised tread wear indicator allows for secure wear life projection, meaning operators can plan the appropriate maintenance accordingly.

The X Stacker 3 HD offers 15 per cent extra life in heavy-duty conditions*. It also enables stackers to run longer distances of up to 12 km per hour at a speed of 25 km/h and to manage the pressure exerted by high cornering forces and sharp turns.

“Port operators with large fleets of several reach stackers often operate under tough conditions of load and speed to meet their productivity challenges,” says Clifford De Jager, Beyond Road, Earthmover and Industrial Technical Correspondent, at Michelin.

“Their concern is unexpected machine downtime, and they are specifically looking for tyres that can help meet these challenges. The new MICHELIN X Stacker 3 HD does exactly that.”

Michelin says the tyre can be used as a multi-purpose, versatile fitment for the original equipment market and is also suitable for full container handlers and heavy forklifts.

The X Stacker 3 HD’s casing combines metal plies, extending from one bead to the other. Its radial construction decouples the side walls from the tread to give a large, low-wearing and stable footprint to offer the best traction on all types of surfaces.

It also benefits from the latest rubber materials to greatly reduce the environmental footprint due to the optimised rolling resistance, which improves fuel efficiency.

Completing Michelin’s reach stacker tyre offer, the new X Stacker 3 HD sits alongside the XZM2+ and X Stacker 2 in the range to cover all usages, from lower lifting capacities to the most demanding jobs.

Initially available in one size – 18.00 R25 207A5 – an additional dimension, 18.00 R33 214A5, is scheduled to follow at a later date.

*Compared to XZM2+ and XZM2+A that may be removed with 40% rubber remaining under severe condition. X Stacker 3 HD removed after being 100% worn, resulting in an expected 15% extra lifetime. Data based on quality records, obtained from port operators, between 2017 and 2022.

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