• Specially designed for tractors with Central Tyre Inflation Systems, the MICHELIN EvoBib is ideal for both road and field work
  • The tyre offers optimised longevity, reduced soil compaction, reduced fuel consumption, improved and sustainable traction

After receiving a SIMA gold medal for innovation in 2017, Michelin has now launched a new version of its ‘2-in-1’ EvoBib tyre.

The MICHELIN EvoBib is the first agricultural tyre on the market specifically designed to be used with Central Tyre Inflation Systems (CTIS), which makes it possible to obtain excellent performance on the road and in the field due to its adaptive design.

In field use, the footprint is maximized due to the tread design, and its very low-pressure structure – utilising Michelin Ultraflex Technology – which reduces soil compaction and improves the tractor’s traction capabilities.

In road use, the reduced footprint and the central rib of the tread pattern cut rolling resistance, while longevity is improved and fuel consumption is reduced.

The new tread design has also been adapted to optimise longevity and offer excellent traction capabilities until the end of the tyre’s life. In the new EvoBib, the tyre casing is now PFO (Pressure Field Operation) rated, a standard that allows manufacturers to increase the load capacity of their tyres for field use.

The new MICHELIN EvoBib offers a footprint variation of 47 per cent* between road and field, double that of a VF tyre such as the MICHELIN AxioBib 2 (24 per cent) that would have usually been used with a CTIS. The new EvoBib increases in traction by 15 per cent** compared to a competitor’s VF tyre with a hybrid tread pattern, and the same traction capability as a VF tyre with a lug tread pattern (under normal field conditions).

Fuel consumption is also improved, close to that obtained using a standard road profile tyre. While there’s a reduction in consumption of 2 litres per hour*** compared to a competitor’s hybrid VF tyre, and a reduction of 1 litre per hour compared to MICHELIN AxioBib 2 with CTIS.

Two sizes of MICHELIN EvoBib – VF 710/70 R 42 and VF 600/70 R 30 – are now available in the UK, which can be used on tractors between 200 and 300 hp, equipped with CTIS. The range will be expanded in 2023 with the addition of new sizes for larger tractors of more than 300 hp.

With this important new addition, Michelin now has a complete range of solutions for powerful tractors.

To help customers make the correct tyre choice, Michelin has published the following recommendations:

  • If more than 80 per cent of usage is in fields and/or difficult working conditions, MICHELIN AxioBib 2 is preferred because of the traction capabilities offered by its lugs.
  • Between 20 and 80 per cent field use, MICHELIN EvoBib with CTIS makes it possible to optimise all performance characteristics on the road and in the field, for users looking for a return on investment.
  • If the field usage is less than 20 per cent (mostly road use), and the tractor is not required to work in extreme conditions, MICHELIN RoadBib will be the most suitable option due to its increased longevity and the fuel savings it offers.

 * Michelin internal test made in Ladoux – France in September 2021, comparing MICHELIN EVOBIB and MICHELIN AXIOBIB 2. Size: VF 710/70 R 42; Load per tyre: 5,300 kg; Road speed: 65 km/h; Field speed: 30 km/h.

**Michelin internal test made in Pagnant – France in November 2021, comparing MICHELIN EVOBIB with a competitor’s VF hybrid tread tyre and MICHELIN AXIOBIB 2 of the same size. Size: VF 710/70 R 42; Field study under real operating conditions carried out by Michelin on a tractor; Load per tyre: 4,300 kg; Using manufacturers’ recommended inflation pressure; Soil type: wet corn stubble. Results may vary.

*** Internal Michelin test made in Ladoux – France in November 2021, comparing the MICHELIN EVOBIB tyre and a competitor’s VF hybrid tyre of the same size. Vehicle: tractor; Size: VF 710/70 R 42; Load per tyre: 4,300 kg; Using manufacturers’ recommended inflation pressure; Average fuel consumption calculated after 10 laps of 8 km (80 km total). Results may vary.

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About Michelin

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