Michelin’s new AgriBib Row Crop IF (Improved Flexion) tyre is now available in five sizes.

Designed specifically for use on self-propelled and trailed sprayers, and on low to medium horsepower row crop tractors from 70 to 180 hp, the new range was launched earlier this year initially in IF 380/90 R50 167A8/167B and IF 320/85 R38 151A8/151B fitments. However, farmers and contractors can now also take advantage of the tyres in IF 380/90 R46 165A8/165B, IF 320/90 R54 159A8/159B and IF 320/90 R50 158A8/158B sizes.

The next generation range offers a higher load capacity than the standard AgriBib Row Crop tyre, due to its IF-rated casing.

Tyres with an IF rating benefit from a sidewall structure which is more flexible – allowing operators to carry more load at the same pressure, or to run the same load at a lower pressure when compared to standard tyres of the same size.

Gordon Brookes, Michelin’s Customer Engineering Support Manager, says: “Today’s sprayers have larger and larger tanks to increase productivity and reduce the number of trips a farmer has to make to refill.

“To adapt to this new trend, we have developed the Michelin AgriBib Row Crop IF range which allows a heavier load capacity to be carried at the same pressure compared to a standard tyre, while having more lugs on the ground and improving traction in muddy conditions.

“When these tyres are used on tractors which do not need an increase in load, the farmer can also work at a lower pressure due to the IF standard, resulting in reduced soil compaction.”

All tyres in the new range benefit from Michelin Ultraflex technology which ensures a larger tyre footprint to protect the soil – improving crop yield and productivity, while their strengthened sidewalls make them extremely durable when operating at low air pressures.

In comparison to its predecessor, the AgriBib Row Crop IF has 14 per cent greater lug contact in the tread pattern, as well as a 20 per cent larger footprint*. It also has a deeper tread depth to improve traction.

The Michelin AgriBib Row Crop IF range will be manufactured at Michelin’s Troyes plant in France.

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* Comparison carried out at Michelin’s Ladoux Research & Development Centre in France of tyre footprints on the ground between the Michelin AgriBib Row Crop normal flex vs Michelin AgriBib Row Crop IF in 380/90 R50, with a load of 3,600 kg at a pressure corresponding to 30 km/h.

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