Farmers to benefit from the complete tyre pressure solution as Michelin launches Zen@Terra into the UK market

Michelin is introducing its latest agricultural tyre technology into the UK with the launch of Zen@Terra for high-powered tractors – enabling farmers to easily adjust tyre pressures for heavy road and field work.

Designed specifically for fitment in combination with a central tyre inflation system (CTIS) and Michelin’s Ultraflex tyre range – although it can be used with any Michelin agricultural tyre – Zen@Terra connects directly into the tractor’s ISOBUS system. Once installed, it allows farmers to switch between low pressures, for maximum soil protection, and higher pressures, to maximise performance on the road. The process takes a matter of minutes and can be operated via an easy-to-use, integrated in-cab touch-screen display.

Pre-programmed settings allow the user to tailor pressures depending on the implement attached and vehicle usage. Pressures can be adjusted for empty, half or full loads, as well as slope work. A ‘boost’ function sets extreme low pressure for three minutes, when extra grip is needed.

Compatible with most modern tractors, it is the result of years of research and development by Michelin’s team of expert engineers and, following successful trials across Europe, Zen@Terra is now being rolled out to farmers and contractors across the UK.

Mark White, Michelin’s National Sales Manager – Agriculture & Construction, says: “Michelin is determined to keep helping farmers get the absolute maximum performance from their machinery.

“Zen@Terra is a complete solution, managing all aspects of tyres and their interaction with the ground, both in the field and on the road.

“Using an in-built CTIS and our Ultraflex technology tyres, the customer can quickly change tyre pressures to best suit the ground they are working on. This helps to optimise the performance of their vehicles, increases tyre life, improves productivity and yields, while reducing fuel costs and protecting the soil – all of which supports Michelin’s core value of sustainable mobility.”

The system has been developed following direct feedback from farmers and contractors, with Michelin focused on developing a solution offering maximum quality and reliability.

The in-built CTIS was designed in conjunction with PTG – industry leaders in tyre pressure control systems – which Michelin acquired in 2017.

Zen@Terra can be used with any Michelin Ultraflex agricultural tyres; including Michelin’s AxioBib, AxioBib 2, EvoBib and XeoBib fitments.

It will be fitted exclusively in the UK by approved supplier TractAir – a family-owned company which designs, manufactures, supplies and fits air brake systems, air compressors and tyre inflation systems for agricultural applications. For more information and sales enquiries visit

For more information about the range of Michelin farm tyres available visit or tweet @MichelinAgriUK.


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