ANIZOME™, a company dedicated to the commercial application of microbiome research in animal health, has appointed a primary investigator from the Human Microbiome Project and an expert in veterinary dermatology as members of its scientific advisory panel.

Dr. Joseph Petrosino, Professor and interim Chairman of Molecular Virology, and Director of the Alkek Center for Metagenomics and Microbiome Research at Baylor College of Medicine, will translate cutting-edge research in the human microbiome to expedite the discovery, development and delivery of new animal health solutions.

As a primary investigator for the Human Microbiome Project, Dr. Petrosino was involved in the development of sample handling, extraction, sequencing and analytic protocols. He has made several ground-breaking advances in the understanding of the microbiome and has been involved in hundreds of human and animal studies.

“We couldn’t ask for a better microbiome expert with more experience than Dr. Petrosino to be advising us,” says ANIZOME Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Scott Carter. “He has been driving a deeper understanding of the complex interplays between host and microbiome since the beginning, and I am very pleased that he has agreed to join our scientific advisory panel.

“The experience and knowledge that Dr. Petrosino has accumulated will be invaluable in helping us leverage the latest learnings in human health for the benefit of our animal health projects.”

The company has also appointed Dr. Michael Rossi to the panel – a veterinary dermatologist with extensive experience in studying and managing skin diseases in multiple species.

Having completed his residency in conjunction with North Carolina State University, Dr. Rossi went on to become a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Dermatology. Dr Rossi continues to conduct applied research through his role as Director of Clinical Studies at Coastal Veterinary Dermatology & Ear Clinic in Houston, Texas, bringing valuable insight into the everyday challenges and needs of veterinarians.

“Dr. Rossi will be a tremendous asset to ANIZOME,” says Dr. Carter. “He is passionate about finding innovative solutions to veterinary challenges and we are thrilled to welcome him to our scientific advisory panel.

“His knowledge and experience as an active specialist in the field of veterinary dermatology means ANIZOME is even better positioned to tackle one of the most neglected areas of microbiome research – companion animal health.”

ANIZOME aims to develop innovative therapeutic and diagnostic solutions in animal health that will optimise performance and prevent disease. It is the first company of its kind to provide a comprehensive therapeutic platform focused on translating microbiome research into commercial solutions. As well as dermatology, ANIZOME have R&D interests in additional veterinary health areas.

“The expertise that both our new advisors bring will mean that ANIZOME develops new solutions in a more focused and expeditious way,” says Dr. Carter. “Working in partnership with academics, institutions and companies is an integral part of our platform.

“This is a very exciting area to work in right now, with huge potential for improving the way we approach animal health.”


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ANIZOME LLC was founded in 2018 as a result of a ground-breaking venture between Baylor College of Medicine, Stonehaven Incubate AG and Diversigen Inc. This unique combination of microbiome expertise, industry knowledge and commercial experience has enabled ANIZOME to establish a world-class animal microbiome platform that bridges the gap between research and commercial solutions.


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