AB Vista launches online dietary fibre calculator to help nutritionists optimise animal diets

AB Vista has launched a free tool to assist nutritionists as they formulate animal diets. The dietary fibre calculator uses average values of global raw materials to calculate the dietary fibre content (plus other more in-depth fibre parameters) of finished animal feed.

The calculator offers the option of entering up to 28 different raw materials, along with the daily total intake in kg, to show the fibre composition of the feed and the daily fibre intake in either a data or graphic view.

Xaviere Rousseau, AB Vista Global Technical Support Manager, says: “As feed additive specialists, we know that the role of fibre in monogastric diets can be misunderstood and that achieving the optimum fibre fraction can be challenging, even for experienced nutritionists.

“We have designed this calculator to be a straightforward, easy to access way to assess the total dietary fibre content of finished feed.”

The parameters within the calculator represent the values that are available within AB Vista’s new Dietary Fibre analysis service, part of the company’s comprehensive NIR offering.

The calculator is accessible at: abv-calculators.com/fibre

For more information, contact AB Vista on +44(0)1672 517 650 or www.abvista.com/contactus. Follow AB Vista on Twitter: @ABVista.


Notes to editor:
AB Vista is a global feed additive business bringing pioneering products and technical services to the poultry, swine, ruminant and aquaculture sectors. Since its launch in 2005 the company has become a highly respected global player with top three market share positions in its core segments. The business uses its innovative product research, technical services and nutrition expertise to gather global insights that can be used to provide new ways of thinking to feed compounders, integrators and pre-mixers. With over 25 years’ experience in the NIR field and a global network of laboratories able to analyse feed samples, AB Vista provides the tools and expertise to allow its customer to better balance their ingredients. AB Vista is headquartered in the UK, with regional offices located in the USA, Brazil, Singapore, Spain, India, China, Germany and Finland.

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About AB Vista

AB Vista is a global animal nutrition technology company offering pioneering products and technical services to the global animal feed industry. Since its establishment in 2004, AB Vista has grown to be a top-three player in feed enzymes. Working in close collaboration with academics and customers, AB Vista is committed to developing new nutritional applications based on scientific insight. This is achieved through research, nutritional expertise and the ability to analyse nutritional factors – the combination of which is referred to as “feed intelligence”. This serves to bring an improved nutritional picture to the industry. AB Vista has a portfolio of products and technical services spanning the poultry, swine, ruminant and aquaculture sectors. AB Vista is headquartered in the UK, with regional offices located in the USA, Brazil, Singapore, Spain, India, The Netherlands and Finland.

AB Vista is part of AB Agri, which manufactures animal feed, nutrition- and technology-based products and offers data services for the agri-food industry and which operates all along the food industry supply chain.


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